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Disruption is the reality.
Let’s deal with it. Together.

We’re opening access to SAP Ariba Discovery, so any buyer can post their immediate sourcing needs, and any supplier can respond to show they can deliver. Free to post, free to respond. Open to everyone.

We live and work in times of increasing complexity. The global impact of macroeconomic, health, and regulatory events makes it critical for businesses to be able to proactively monitor their supply chain, act with agility, and create a sustainable future. But what can you do today?

Three Ways SAP can help procurement professionals better manage supply chain disruption.

pictogram-284307-number-1-blue-150x150.pngDiversify your value chain
An important tool to manage supply chain disruption is to be thoughtful about who your trading partners are and to take swift action when necessary before supply chain disruption occurs. The SAP Ariba Discovery solution matches business buyers with qualified suppliers from all over the world and helps you diversify your network.

icon-check.pngGain access to the world’s largest B2B commerce network with 4 million suppliers, 20,000 product and service categories and 24 supported languages.
icon-check.pngCollaborate seamlessly with your supplier through Q&A exchanges via a direct messaging system.
icon-check.pngGet matched quickly with the best suppliers who meet your needs.

284648_Quote_start_R_blue.pngWe now have three times as many suppliers on our new procurement network. We also gained greater transparency in our supplier relations, supporting more efficient contracting and compliance. pictogram-284647_Quote_end_R_blue.png

- Melissa Mohesky-Schmidt, Sourcing and Ariba Leadership, Milliken & Company

Check out this infographic on SAP Ariba Discovery and see how customers like Nielsen Holdings are using the Ariba Network to identify the right vendors who share their brand values.

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pictogram-284308-number-2-blue-150x150.png Be vigilant identifying potential sources of risk
Global companies need to be able to identify sources of risk in their supply chain, and adapt and adjust quickly. With SAP Ariba Supplier Risk, you can tailor your risk reviews and alerts to each supplier relationship, and help your buyers make smarter, safer decisions before purchase.

icon-check.png Gain actionable insights and accurately ascertain risk exposure levels.
icon-check.png Identify suppliers of greatest concern with data from over 600K sources.
icon-check.png Conduct intelligent control assessments based on suppliers’ inherent risk.

Read this datasheet on Supplier Risk for more info.


pictogram-284309-number-3-blue-150x150.png Keep your focus on your most critical resource – your people
Your people are your most critical resource and their welfare is always a top concern. With 44% of workforce spend on the external workforce, companies today rely on many sources of global talent to get work done.

SAP Fieldglass is helping to transform how work gets done across the enterprise, enabling organizations to optimize their use of external workers and service providers to be more agile and accelerate business outcomes in times of unprecedented disruption.

Check out this solution brief.


SAP Ariba Discovery

SAP Ariba Discovery is a free business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solution designed for all buyers.

Start here to place your sourcing requests.

If you are a supplier, join the supply chain community in tackling the challenges together. Companies like HP India who are using the Ariba Network to respond quickly to buyer needs.

Suppliers can use the promo code SAPARIBA2020 today for unlimited responses to sourcing requests.

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Buyers: Create connections that create resiliency.

A resilient supply chain can help you overcome the volatility of global business and deliver a sustainable future.

With 4 million suppliers in over 190 countries, representing $3.2 trillion in annual commerce, Ariba Network connects the global business community to help you identify risk, adjust on the fly, and ensure continuity no matter what comes next.

It’s time to take action.
SAP Ariba Discovery helps you bring the right partners to the table to give you more options as you face today’s challenges and disruptions.

SAP Ariba Discovery is offered free of charge to all Buyers at any time. Enterprise license fees apply when using the features of SAP Ariba Discovery through SAP Ariba Sourcing solution.

Suppliers: Be the solution that opens opportunity.

The health of the global supply chain is everyone’s business. And in times of uncertainty, we’re all in it together.

By helping you help new customers deal with disruptions, SAP Ariba Discovery delivers more opportunity. You can get in front of more customers, help them create more versatility, and create the kind of connections that deliver sustainable growth.

It’s time to take action.
Use the promo code SAPARIBA2020 to respond for free through June 30, 2020 and open the door to new customers and new sources of revenue right now.

Current Advantage and Advantage + Customers: Please contact us to receive a 3-month extension to your current subscription.

Disclaimer: Offer valid through June 30, 2020 and applies only to use of SAP Ariba Discovery. Fees to respond to postings are waived only upon a supplier’s use of a valid promo code. Additional restrictions may apply.

Four million suppliers.
20,000 categories.
All for free.

Download this infographic to see the scope and scale of suppliers you’ll have at your fingertips.

The right suppliers matter.

Watch this video to see how Nielsen uses SAP Ariba Discovery to identify and find suppliers that bring diversity to their supply chain, while aligning with their priorities, mission, and values.

HP India unlocks new customers using Ariba Network.

Watch this video to see how HP India is seeing new sources of revenue and growing their business.