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Match with Trading Partners to Support Relief Efforts

We continue to open access to SAP Ariba Discovery to help organizations quickly find supplies in times of crisis, including the war in Ukraine and the earthquake in Türkiye. Any buyer facing shortages can post their immediate sourcing needs and find suppliers ready to provide humanitarian aid. Any supplier can respond to show they can deliver with urgency and quality. Enabled by SAP Business Network, SAP Ariba Discovery is open to everyone. Free to post, free to respond.

SAP Ariba Discovery

SAP Ariba Discovery is a free business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solution designed for all buyers.

Start here to place your sourcing requests.

If you are a supplier, join the supply chain community in tackling the challenges together. Companies like HP India who are using the Ariba Network to respond quickly to buyer needs.

Suppliers can use the promo code SAPARIBA2020 today for unlimited responses to sourcing requests.

Buyer: Find new sources of supply amid volatility.

Unstable situations require access to responsive and reliable sources of supply. 

During this time of pressing need, connect with our network of millions of connected companies in over 190 countries to quickly source essential goods and continue critical humanitarian aid efforts. 

Take action today. 
Post your needs immediately and gain access to suppliers ready to help.

SAP Ariba Discovery is offered free of charge to all buyers at anytime. Enterprise license fees apply when using the features of SAP Ariba Discovery through SAP Ariba Sourcing solution.

Supplier: Provide relief in this time of need.

Buyers need suppliers like you more than ever in these difficult times. Your goods and services could be vital in providing humanitarian support and strengthening supply chains. 

SAP Ariba Discovery connects you directly with buyers searching for dependability and reassurance. 

Backed by the reliability of SAP Business Network, SAP Ariba Discovery enables suppliers to start working with buyers in over 190 countries. Help buyers overcome adversity and confidently deliver relief. 

It’s time to act.
Act today by updating your profile and toggling on the Support Ukraine button. By doing these simple steps you are sending up to date information to those that need it. 

The offer of no supplier fees is valid until further notice and applies only to use of SAP Ariba Discovery. Additional restrictions may apply.

Standing in solidarity with Ukraine.

The SAP family stands with everyone affected by the events in Ukraine. Read more about how we are operating during this time.

Immediate Donations.

We are heartbroken over the tragic devastation in Türkiye and affected regions. To support aid efforts, SAP has made immediate donations to humanitarian aid organizations such as Turkish Red Crescent, UNHCR, Doctors without Border and more. SAP has also launched an employee giving campaign and will match all donations made through this campaign.

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