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Live Webinars

Introduction to Electronic Integration for Suppliers
April 25, 2019 | 11 am PT • 2 pm ET

Get paid faster, make fewer errors, lower your costs, and increase customer satisfaction by integrating to Ariba Network. Sound too good to be true? The numbers speak for themselves—on average suppliers realize a 25% reduction of Account Receivable costs and 8.9% lower days sales outstanding.* No this is not a myth, and you can certainly make it a reality for your organization.

Join this Best Practice Session if you’re looking to:

  • Learn the basics of electronic integration and the benefits of automating your transactions.
  • Understand the different integration methods available and the requirements needed.
  • Know how to get started with your own integration process.

*SAP Benchmarking, 2017

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On Demand Webinars


Introduction to Electronic Integration for Suppliers

Explore the benefits of automating document exchange through Ariba Network.


Understanding Your Ariba Network Subscription

Learn about Ariba Network supplier pricing and the value you will receive in your new subscription level.


Managing Multiple Ariba Network Accounts

Do you have multiple ANIDs? Learn about how to best organize your various Ariba Network accounts.


5 Ways to Grow Your Business with SAP Ariba

Discover the 5 ways you can leverage SAP Ariba solutions to help your company make new connections and grow your business.


Find Business Opportunities on SAP Ariba Discovery

Learn how you can find new customers in an active buying cycle to make new connections and grow your business.


Understanding Different Account Types on Ariba Network

As your business and transactions grow, you may be outgrowing your light account. Is a full-use account a better fit for your organization?


Become a pro: Learn Advanced Features of Your Ariba Network Account

Join us to uncover advanced functionality and best practices to help you realize even more value from your investment.


Reach Net New Customers without Contracts or Negotiation

Learn how you can get your products in front of brand new customers with the SAP Ariba Spot Buy.


Self-Service Integration is Here

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway reduces the time it takes to integrate and allows you to connect to multiple customers with a single integration.





Support to Help You Succeed

Learn how to quickly access tutorials, how-to guides, and customer support from within your account.


Catalogs and Commerce on Ariba Network

Learn the different types of catalogs on Ariba Network and tips for effective catalog management.


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